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Black Hills Gold jewelry is currently enjoying huge growth in popularity. Part of it is surely due to the recent run up in the price of gold (what better time to own a piece of gold jewelry, from an investment standpoint?). And surely part is due to the public's increasing awareness of the Black Hills gold rush because of such recent publicity as the Deadwood series on HBO. But by far, the greatest single reason for the popularity of Black Hills jewelry is the recognition of and the desire for QUALITY.

When everything these days seems to be increasingly "disposable", there also seems to be a growing segment of American people that want a return to quality.... and that's where Landstroms Black Hills Gold jewelry comes in! You can own a piece of that quality, a piece of American History made out of gold. And you can own it today!

In an effort to answer the many questions folks have asked us, such as "What is Black Hills Gold jewelry?", "How is Black Hills Gold jewelry made?" and "What is the history of Black Hills Gold?", we've put the following videos together.

Videos all about Black Hills Gold History, making Black Hills Gold jewelry and more! They're short and very informative, so grab your popcorn, sit back and enjoy!

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