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02927SS Claddagh RingYou don't need to be of Irish heritage to enjoy our beautiful Black Hills Gold emerald jewelry or Landstroms Black Hills Silver Claddagh Ring. Symbolizing friendship and love, our Claddagh ring is made of Sterling silver and 12 karat Black Hills Gold leaves, and features two hands clasping a heart enveloped by the signature leaves.

Ever wondered why we we use the shamrock for decorations on St. Patrick’s day? What connection does a saint have to what is commonly known as clover? Though not to be Shamrock imageconfused with the four-leaf clover which symbolizes good luck, St. Patrick in the 4th century used the three-leaf clover to teach the concept of trinity to the non-Christian Irish. The word shamrock has its etymologic roots in the Irish word for clover: seamróg.

Visit our new St. Patrick's Day jewelry product page with jewelry in celebration of St. Patrick's day


  1. Carolyn C. Marvin on April 27, 2011 at 12:08 PM said:
    I purchased the Black Hills Gold shamrock Pendant and as always I was amazed by the workmanship and the absolute beauty of Landstrom's Black Hills Gold.
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