Hindu-Wedding-Jewelry-scaled Jewelry As A Status Symbol

Jewelry As A Status Symbol

Jewelry, as we know has been adorning human body since time immemorial, though the purpose of wearing it varies. The term jocale, the Latin word for jewel and derived from the Latin word meaning plaything, has witnessed changes to its connotation over the ages. Jewelry in the ancient times was created from wood, teeth, stones and shells. The raw material has changed with time and now there are various metals from jewelry is made. Each jewelry piece is dedicated to a particular part of the body enhancing its beauty. Apart from enhancing the beauty of humans, jewelry has come to be associated with other things, the most distinguished of which is the status symbol.

From ancient times until now this connotation has been maintained. Jewelry is still perceived as the symbol of wealth and, of course status. In some cultures wedding jewelry is displayed to indicate power, influence and riches of a particular family. People all over the world love to wear jewelry and not just for the sake of looking beautiful or to display their fine taste, but to show off their status to others. Experimentation in new jewelry designs is on the rise in current times because it shows a certain sophistication to be on the cutting edge of fashion, especially with an expensive or hard to come by piece.

Such experimental pieces come in various intricate designs made of gold, platinum and other exotic metals with precious stones set in them. Displaying such jewelry on fingers, necklines and ear lobes is really a matter of prestige. It not only shows your taste but also your ability to afford them. Diamonds have always been the best friend of women and the reason behind them is not only beauty but also status. A piece of diamond on a woman’s hand can make her the talk of the town, and of course the object of envy to other women.

Even for men the scenario has changed. In ancient times certain cultures in Rome and in India allowed men to wear jewelry indicating high rank. Hence, for men belonging to lesser ranks, jewelry was out of reach. Possessing loads of jewelry gives a superior rank to people even in the current times in certain cultures. Celebrities all across the world wear expensive, unique pieces of jewelry to demonstrate their status, popularity and identity. And we all know that the royal families in every country have heirloom jewelry which is a grand indication of their blue blood.

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