MRLPE628 Landstroms Silver Heart Necklace

Just in time for Valentine’s Day we’re pleased to offer this heart necklace from Landstroms!

This charming necklace 7x7mm lab-created* heart-shaped opal, featuring two 12 karat Black Hills Gold leaves and a complimentary 18″ sterling silver chain. The perfect gift for Valentine’s Day!

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Sterling Silver Jewelry

Sterling silver is commonly referred to as .925 because it is 92.5% pure silver alloyed with 7.5% other metals (typically copper). Pure silver is much too soft for creating wearable jewelry and this ratio of silver delivers excellent wear and anti-tarnish characteristics while maintaining brilliance and beauty. Landstroms uses only the finest .925 sterling silver for all of their silver pieces.

Read more about sterling silver here

Black Hills Silver Jewelry

Like all Landstroms silver jewelry, each of the key pendants on this necklace also feature alternating green and pink Black Hills Gold leaves. The leaves themselves are made from 12 karat gold which, like sterling silver, is alloyed with other materials for wear and appearance characteristics. 24 karat pure gold is alloyed with copper to create the 12 karat pink leaves and pure gold is alloyed with silver to create the 12 karat green leaves. When both gold and silver components are used together like this to make a piece of jewelry, the result is usually referred to as “gold on silver jewelry”. But when the gold component is authentic Black Hills Gold, the more contemporary term for the piece is Black Hills Silver jewelry.

Give your loved one a gift she’ll treasure this Valentine’s Day… give her a Black Hills Silver opal heart Necklace, from Landstroms!

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