Where To Buy Landstroms Black Hills Gold Jewelry

At BlackHillsGoldSource our goal is to provide our customers with one-stop shopping for Landstroms Black Hills Gold jewelry.

This means the best online selection of top quality Landstroms products at the best prices, and service that goes well beyond the sale.


Our website currently features over 1,100 different Landstroms designs! And each month we’re adding more and more items, both new items from Landstroms designers as well as classic Landstroms pieces that just haven’t yet made it onto our website. After all, over the years Landstroms has created nearly 8,000 different products! But you can be sure that we’ll be adding the most popular Black Hills Gold styles each month.


This brings up a good point. Everything – and that means EVERYTHING that Landstroms makes is available from us at discounts of 30%, 40% and on our sale items, even 50% off Landstrom’s retail prices. And if you don’t see something on our website, just email us at: [email protected] and we will get it for you! We can even offer you deep discounts on semi-custom items or on many discontinued pieces that Landstroms will build special for you.

How do we do this for such low prices? Simple, we don’t carry an inventory. We work closely with Landstroms and everything you order on our website gets shipped directly to you straight from Landstroms factory. This allows us to cut our costs, pass our savings on to you and offer you the best prices on Landstroms jewelry. It also frees us up to do what we do best, and that’s to provide you with our easy-to-use, informative and entertaining website.


We know that a lot of our customers shop at Amazon. For that matter, so do we! Amazon is just so great for finding a variety of different things all in one place. Plus, once you buy a few times from Amazon, you know the ropes and buying again, no matter what you’re buying, is just about the same process. And no doubt, like BlackHillsGoldSource, Amazon is on the customer’s side, so they have built up a lot of trust and consumer confidence.

In an effort to offer our customers the ability to shop our extensive line of Landstroms products in the most convenient way possible and whichever way that is most preferable to them, we have been adding our products to Amazon for several months. We’re not all caught up yet, but we’re working every week to add more and more of our Black Hills Gold items to our Amazon page. If you prefer to buy your Black Hills Gold from us through Amazon, you can find our Amazon storefront here: BlackHillsGoldSource Storefront

All prices and shipping schedules are the same as here on our website. However, for the lowest prices our website is still the place to shop because here we offer our Specials & Sales and Discount Coupons mentioned above. For example, a $350 Black Hills Gold bracelet that’s on sale on our website for 10% off would cost only $315 after the discount. But then if the 5% coupon code is also used, the price drops to $297.50, whereas on Amazon the price would still be $350. So we urge you to check our sale items and then decide which is both cheaper and more convenient for you.


Regardless of where you decide to shop, whether it’s at BlackHillsGoldSource.com or at our storefront on Amazon, we are here to give you the same excellent service that you deserve as our valued customer. We are here to make your shopping, your transaction, your purchase and your overall experience the best that it can be. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please call us at 303-325-3980. Thank you for shopping with us.

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