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Say I Love You and mean it with a beautiful piece of Landstroms Black Hills Gold Heart jewelry.

We've just added over a dozen new designs including Black Hills Gold earrings, rings, pendants and lockets.

With Landstrom’s Black Hills Gold Valentines Day heart jewelry, romance is always in the air!


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As the COVID-19 death rate continues to drop, we are still moving forward with cautionionary steps in place, so there may still be a delay before your order ships.

IF YOU HAVE A DIRECT DEADLINE: Before ordering, please call us at 605-221-6120 or email us at info[at]blackhillsgoldsource[dot]com to confirm that your item is in-stock. Inventory status can change by the moment.

Our continued thanks to everyone for your patience as our country continues to work through this. We will keep you updated here with any additional changes.
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