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  1. Wedding Jewelry Essentials From India

    indian wedding jewelry

    Weddings are considered to be big affairs with numerous ceremonies and festivities lasting days. The guest lists go into the hundreds and even thousands, and every detail of each function is intricately planned by the bride and groom and their parents to ensure that their family and friends have a gala time.
  2. Best Groomsmen Gift Ideas 2018. Let's Share Some Love


    With the engagement finally dealt with, you are now in full gears for the wedding preparation. You are very lucky because you have selected your groomsmen to help you in every step of the way.
  3. Now Mined In The Black Hills!

    While Federal law dictates that any piece of jewelry bearing the description "Black Hills Gold" must be manufactured in the Black Hills of South Dakota, the gold itself may be purchased from anywhere, on the open market.

    However, beginning this year every piece of Landstroms Original Black Hills Gold jewelry will be manufactured with gold mined in the Black Hills!

    Black Hills Gold mined at home
  4. What’s Your Bride Personality?

    bridal party

    Congratulations! You had a magical proposal, and you dreamily said yes!

    Now reality sets in, and the planning starts. There’s a shocking amount of detail involved in planning your perfect day.
  5. Creative Bridal Shower Ideas

    pets in weddings

    Bridal showers can turn stale pretty quickly.

    Traditional showers are nice, but, let’s face it, there isn’t much mystery there. The round-up is a bit like this: finger sandwiches and punch, a few rounds of party games, presents, cake and goodbye.
  6. Irresistible Decoration Tips for Summer Weddings

    summer weddings

    Long days that turn into memorable nights, gorgeous sunsets, fireworks and fireflies are just some of the reasons why the summer is the perfect time of the year to get married.

    If you’re having a summer wedding, there are so many different and creative ways that you can incorporate some of your most beloved aspects of this season into your wedding.
  7. Diamond ring

    Choosing the Right Diamond

    As fun as diamond-shopping can be, there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye.


    Perhaps the most important factor in

  8. Diamond ring

    Hey Guys – This One Is For You!

    Are you planning to propose to your girlfriend?

    Looking for a jewelry store to find the perfect engagement and wedding ring? This is the perfect proposal or wedding ring for your bride to be.
  9. Heart ring

    Heart Jewelry from the Dark Forests of South Dakota’s Mountains

    Planning to surprise your special someone?

    Looking for a perfect gift for Valentines Day or a proposal ring? Searching for a heart-inspired gold ring? Here’s the perfect answer to your problem, Landstroms Black Hills Gold Ladies Split Leaf
  10. Landstroms Black Hills Gold Hummingbird Ring

    Are you looking for something different?

    Different in a way that selected people can have this kind of ring? Do you want a ring that can make you smile? If you answer yes, this is your perfect choice.
  11. Valentines Day Jewelry - Tips For Guys

    Valentines Day is round the corner!

    Hopefully, you have already figured out how to sweep your lady off her feet. Well, however clichéd it might sound or appear, a beautiful piece of jewelry gifted on Valentines Day can never go wrong.
  12. woman with long earrings

    Best Jewelry Trends to Look Out For In 2014

    Fashion Trends Change Every Season

    Fashion trends change every season and that is the specialty and USP (unique selling point) of fashion. Surreal fashion will likely make the headlines in the industry this year.
  13. Mothers Jewelry

    Mother’s Jewelry

    Buy It From Your Heart

    Buying jewelry for your mom is not an extremely difficult task but buying mother’s jewelry does entail more thought and effort than just going out and buying her an expensive jewelry gift. We all know how a child’s relationship with his or her mother is emotional, sentimental, beautiful and unconditional.
  14. Jewerly as a Status Symbol

    Jewelry As A Status Symbol

    It's Not Only Worn For Fun

    Jewelry, as we know has been adorning human body since time immemorial, though the purpose of wearing it varies. The term jocale, the Latin word for jewel and derived from the Latin word meaning plaything, has witnessed changes to its connotation over the ages.
  15. ladies onyx ring

    Tips on How to Wear Jewelry

    Statement Jewelry - Does it sound like something intriguing?

    Yes, it is to a huge extent.
  16. Landstroms

    Landstroms Black Hills Jewelry, 135 Years of Brilliance

    A brand that has been on the market for 135 years speaks for itself in volumes.

    Those who know Black Hills Gold and desire authentic Black Hills Gold jewelry will only think of Landstroms, the original in Black Hills Gold creations since 1878.

    Landstroms has been putting in their best efforts and coming up with great designs for both men and women for generations, since 1878.
  17. ultrasonic jewelry cleaner

    Jewelry Cleaning With An Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

    Introducing the BlackHillsGoldSource Model 890 Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

    All types of precious jewelries will get tarnished and matte with time and continuous wear.
  18. Diamond Jewelry

    The Charm of Diamond Jewelry

    Jewelry is always special and more so if it is diamond jewelry!

    The charm of diamond jewelry is everlasting and diamonds have been treated as special since times immemorial. Diamonds unfurl a world of intrigue, legend and romance and therefore have been sought after by generations.
  19. mens Black Hills Gold watch

    Black Hills Gold Jewelry: Dazzlingly Legendary

    A French prospector, a lawless state, in a setting of notoriety, licentiousness, and betrayal.

  20. Wedding Traditions From Around The World

    bride with wedding dress

    Spring is on its way, and that means wedding season is fast approaching!

    It's late January, we can already sense that the days are getting longer and shortly we'll be celebrating one of America's favorite holidays, Valentine's Day.
  21. Landstroms Black Hills Silver Hugs and Kisses Heart Necklace

    Hugs and Kisses Necklace PE3102SS

    Just in time for Valentine's Day we're pleased to offer this new heart necklace from Landstroms!

    This charming necklace features four key pendants made from .925 sterling silver, each with a heart at one end and alternating X's and O's at the other end.
  22. How To Relax and Enjoy This Holiday Season

    Holiday gift-giving

    The holiday season is approaching fast.

    The pressure to purchase gifts for your family, friends and loved-ones can be a source of stress to many people, especially those that have to struggle to make ends meet.
  23. Learn All About Diamonds - the Treasure of Fine Jewelry

    Diamond Jewelry

    The secret to winning a woman’s heart, diamonds have an aura of admiration, inspiration and awe.

    The first step in any treatise on diamonds is to establish that there are two types of diamonds: natural diamonds and synthetic diamonds.
  24. Purposes and Functions of Jewelry

    Various Uses of Jewelry Jewelry

    We sometimes take simple things for granted, like the purpose of jewelry, for example.

    Jewelry has served a variety of different functions and purposes since its first creation tens of thousands years ago.
  25. Hopi Jewelry, also made in America

    Kokopelli Jewelry

    Like Landstroms Black Hills Gold, Hopi Jewelry is also made in America, but exclusively by native American Hopi Indians.


    The Hopi are an Indian nation that now lives on an Indian reservation in northeastern Arizona.
  26. When was jewelry first made?

    Old Shell Jewelry

    Jewelry is one of the oldest man-made objects in the world.


    A few years ago, jewelry made from sea shells coated with clay was found in eastern Morocco, located in northern Africa.
  27. Were You Born In October? Then Opal Is Your Birthstone!

    Opals In Hand

    The Opal is the birthstone for October, so why not celebrate your October birthday in style with Landstroms Black Hills Gold Opal jewelry!

    What a beautiful season to celebrate a birthday - a season of change and colors as the leaves turn, and trees prepare for a period of dormancy.

  28. Where To Buy Landsroms Black Hills Gold Jewelry

    Landstroms Factory

    At BlackHillsGoldSource our goal is to provide our customers with one-stop shopping for Landstroms Black Hills Gold jewelry.

  29. Black Hills Gold Fly-out Categories

    black hills gold website

    Our new bracelet categories make finding the perfect Black Hills Gold bracelet a breeze

    Over the last several months we've been making a number of changes to our website to make your shopping experience both more efficient and more pleasurable.
  30. New Sterling Silver Montana Sapphire Jewelry

    Landstroms PE5103-SS-933 Hummingbird necklace

    Brand New Montana Sapphire Jewelry, in Sterling Silver

    During the same period of time that Black Hills Gold was first found in the sparkling waters of French Creek in the Black Hills of South Dakota, another gold miner in the Gem Peak area on Rock Creek near Philipsburg, Montana found the first of what was to become one of the largest sapphire deposits in the world.
  31. Hummingbird jewelry

    Landstroms ER545 Hummingbird earrings

    Enjoy our new product category, Hummingbird Jewelry

    Native beliefs said that hummingbirds convey spiritual messages of joy which provide healing to those they hover near to.
  32. Make This Fathers Day His Best

    Cowboy Dad and Son

    Make This Father's Day His Best

    It's not uncommon for us to sometimes overlook just how important our Fathers are and we can tend to take them somewhat for granted.
  33. A June Bride's Story

    Spring Bride in woods

    A bride's most lucky month is fast approaching!

    June is the most popular month for weddings - when every woman's dream of walking down the aisle, wearing the best gown, holding a lush bouquet of flowers and getting ready for her eternal vow with the one she truly loves most often takes place.

  34. Mothers Day Is Only A Month Away!

    mothers rings

    Mothers Day Is Only A Month Away!

    This year Mom's Day lands on Sunday, May 13th. Mother's Day is a day that commemorates all the special things that mothers do: care for our little ones, give encouragement when matters emerge, provide support when things get tough, give help and caring when life throws difficulties our way, make loved ones laugh and also support us up whenever we truly need it.
  35. Valentine’s Day tips for guys

    Valentines gift image

    Guy's there's a great new article on our external blog which gives you a step-by-step plan for making this Valentines Day a memorable one for both you and your sweetheart.

  36. American Flag pin
  37. Gift Card imageIn general, gift cards make a very convenient gift for the giver and the recipient. And since our Landstroms gift cards have no expiration date, you can be confident that even the pickiest person will find the perfect gift! We currently offer Landstroms Black Hills Gold gift cards in three denominations:

    • $100 -    enough for a lovely gift

    • $500 -    for extra-special occassions
• $1,000 - for those once-in-a-lifetime events.

  38. PE625SS-471 Mystic Fire PendantLandstroms has just introduced this beautiful new Mystic Fire Topaz set! Made in Sterling Black Hills Silver, each piece - the ladies ring, the pendant and the earrings - feature brilliant silver grape vines and magnificant Mystic Fire Topaz stones.

  39. 02927SS Claddagh RingYou don't need to be of Irish heritage to enjoy our beautiful Black Hills Gold emerald jewelry or Landstroms Black Hills Silver Claddagh Ring.

  40. Gold prices imageLikely, no time soon. In fact the price of silver has recently begun to soar as well. With the rapidly developing world and the continuing increase in population, the costs of all commodities and natural resources are at all time highs.

  41. Bear Pendant Necklaces

    Adding these bear pendants to our website was inspired by "Lily" and "Hope", the two wild black bears in Ely Minnesota that were filmed by researchers at the North American Bear Center, resulting in the first-ever filmed birth of a black bear cub in the wild!

    Silver Boy Bear

  42. Mothers Jewelry selection chartSelecting the right Mothers ring or pendant used to mean going to our Mothers and Family jewelry page, and then clicking on various photos of attractive items sometimes only to find out that the particular style you've selected wasn't available with the number of birthstones you need.

  43. Bring some festive holiday style to your wardrobe with these jolly little snowmen earrings, pendants and pins! 

    Crafted in .925 sterling Black Hills Silver with 12 karat Black Hills Gold leaves, these little beauties are also articulated with black enamel buttons and details.

    You can choose from the following styles:

    • Skiing snowmen
    • Skating snowmen, or if you prefer
    • Snowman holding a snow shovel

    Each style is available as:

    • Snowman Pendant
    • Snowman Pin or tie tack
    • Snowman Earrings

    Jingle all the way with Landstroms

  44. Slver Key Pendant

    Now available on our website is Landstroms' selection of beautiful Key Pendant-Necklaces.

    Choose from a magical collection of key pendants in both Black Hills Gold and Black Hills Silver, from Landstroms!


  45. Now available on our website is Landstroms' complete line of
    Black Hills Gold Initial Pendants. From A - Z, each letter is crafted
    in 10 karat Black Hills Gold and detailed with 12 karat Black Hills
    Gold leaves. And each includes a complimentary gold-filled chain.

    Initial Pendants

  46. We've just added dozens of new Landstroms Black
    Hills Gold  rings to our website!

    If you're looking for the latest in Black Hills Gold designs,
    visit our

  47. Now you can keep track of your favorite Black Hills
    Gold  items with the click of a button!

    It's easy to keep a list of

  48. We've just posted an informative new series of videos on our Black Hills Gold Jewelry Blog

    These excellent videos are accompanied by short articles which cover the following topics:

  49. Our Mystic Fire Topaz jewelry line is almost

    We’ve had quite a lot of inquiries about just what
    we’ll be putting up on our web site. Just let me
    say that there will be something for every Mystic
    Fire Topaz
    lover. And our launch date is right
    around the corner.

    Current plans are to give you a choice of over a
    dozen new items, including rings, bracelets,
    pendants and earrings.

  50. Watch for our upcoming line of
    Mystic Fire Topaz jewelry, by Landstroms!

    Because of the recent overwhelming interest in

    Mystic Fire Topaz jewelry, we have decided to
    introduce a number of new designs. In the next
    couple of weeks you’ll be able to choose from
    beautiful new pieces of Mystic Fire Topaz jewelry
    in both Black Hills Gold and in

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