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Best Groomsmen Gift Ideas 2018. Let's Share Some Love


With the engagement finally dealt with, you are now in full gears for the wedding preparation. You are very lucky because you have selected your groomsmen to help you in every step of the way. Maybe you do not know it yet, but a groom will be as busy as the bride will. From selecting your tuxedo, talking to the planners, food tasting, there ain’t no rest for the groom.

Your groomsmen will be the key to have a stress-free wedding preparation, so you as the groom should take care of them. I know you are clueless, don’t worry, just follow these poignant tips on to conduct yourself.

Breaking the Pattern: A Gift for the Groomsmen

In one of the latest surveys published, here are the statistics on what really went down during a wedding. According to them, the groomsmen spent approximately 40 hours just on advising, helping and giving support to the groom. Out of this hard work, 30% of the groomsmen received only a pat in back leaving the wedding without a gift.

Let us end this now, put on your to-do list the gifts for the groomsmen.

Reasons why you have to give Gifts to Your Groomsmen

Your groomsmen and your best man have put a lot of money; effort and time in helping you have a successful wedding. In a typical scenario, they are in charge of choosing your tuxedo, some even pay for them, they plan your bachelor’s party, they hold your bride’s ring, they even memorize that beautiful speech that made you look like an angel, and they even made sure that you and your rode off into the sunset without any glitch.

Not to be counted their roles during the reception, they are the ushers, errand boys and sometimes even waiters. In short, your best man and the groomsmen provided you a façade of normalcy when deep inside you are a nervous wreck.

With these countless responsibilities, isn’t it just right to give them a thoughtful gift as a thank you for all they did for you?

In fact, it is customary to give your groomsmen a gift for their unwavering support to your memorable wedding. It is appropriate to show your appreciation to them and a gift is a simplest and most thoughtful way to do so. If you add a handwritten note to that, it will surely melt their hearts.
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Preparing the Gift

Tradition dictates that the groom should prepare the groomsmen and the best man the gifts. The gift giving does end there. Many grooms go to distance and prepare gifts for the male wedding entourage, including the pageboys, the usher, and the fathers for both the groom and the bride.

The gift for the groomsmen is not expected to exceed the amount that they have spent for the wedding. Nevertheless, as a word of caution, it should not be cheap and forgettable. Remember that this gift is a sign of gratitude for what they have done for you. So put a little effort into selecting the perfect gift for them. It all depends on your budget.

By looking at your budget, you will have an idea of how much you have to spend. No need to show off and choosing something fancy if your wedding is on a modest budget. If you have a lavish wedding, the gift should level up.

There is no rule on when you should buy the gifts as long as it is done with care and a lot of thought is put into the decision. At least two months will suffice especially if you are planning to give a customized gift. The best way is to prepare a list of gift ideas and work your way from there. A well-thought gift should be something that resonates with the momentous event every time the groomsman see them.

The Same Gift for All or Individual Gifts?

To make it easy, many groom settle for the same gifts for each of the member of the entourage. This is called matching gift strategy. This strategy will work to show that you are not paying favorites however; it also conveys that the gift is not personalized.

A gift that suits each of the groomsmen’s personality is the most recommended because it shows that you put a lot of effort in choosing their gifts. This makes the gift even more personal with more meaning. In addition, it will give them an impression that you are really a gentleman.

Choosing the Gift

Now that you have all the information you need in buying a gift for your groomsmen and the rest of the male wedding entourage, we are ready to look for a perfect gift.

Good news, there are many gifts available that you can give to your groomsmen. The final challenge is to find the perfect gift. Here is the list of categories you can choose your gifts from to slim down the choices.

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Personalized Gifts

A selection of personalized gift is available in any form. Think of custom cufflinks, monogrammed watches, etched decanters, a belt, a wallet anything that can be monogrammed or engraved. These gifts are great for putting a personal touch to make them feel special. Ambassador is a great choice of watch brand that is both affordable, high quality and can personalize gifts.

A watch is the best personalized you can give as token of appreciation to your groomsmen. It will last long with most of them in sapphire glass finish and elegant metal or leather strap. Plus, your groomsmen will not commit a fashion faux pas of wearing an ugly watch during the wedding. It will look good in photos too.

Drinking Gifts

At least a few of your groomsmen love to drink. What more can you give them than tools and accessories they can use. Even commemorative bottles of whiskey or beer will be good.

Travel Gifts

Your traveler groomsmen will love them. A little something for them to use will be lovely like a traveler’s kit, laptop case or monogrammed passport holder.

Grilling Gifts

Sunday barbeque will never be the same again. For your groomsmen who love grilling, a gift to accompany their smoke meat will do. You can choose from a selection of sauces to smoker box, it will be a hit.

Sports Gift

The possibilities are endless. If you and your gang love to wait in the water for a catch to nibble at your bait, a fishing equipment will not be too much. For your golfing buddy, a new pair of gloves will drive your buddy enthusiasm in practicing his swing again. Maybe you can form a new team with a pair of jersey.

DIY Project Gifts

This does not mean that you will make the groomsmen gifts straight from Pinterest. Gift your groomsman who is quite handy with DIY furniture and yes, who has his own Pinterest account with a gin-making set, a new set of carpentry tools or even a DIY landscaping book.

Tickets and Passes

Some gifts require no wrapping like a ticket to your groomsmen favorite home team’s game or movie passes if your groomsmen is a movie-buff, even a ticket to a play or a gallery invite is enough to make your groomsmen feel appreciated.

When to Give the Gift

The best time to give the groomsmen’s gift is during the rehearsal dinner, or the night before the wedding. This intimate gathering is comprised mostly of the wedding party. A perfect opportunity to acknowledge your groomsmen and thank them for their help. If this is not your preferred time, during the bachelor's party or on the morning of the wedding will also be perfect.

Now that you have the perfect game plan for your groomsmen gift, you have taken one stress out of your to-do list. A perfect gift for your best man and groomsmen will encourage them to take it easy while giving their obligatory speech.

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