Bridal-Shower-scaled Creative Bridal Shower Ideas

Bridal showers can turn stale pretty quickly.

Traditional showers are nice, but, let’s face it, there isn’t much mystery there. The round-up is a bit like this: finger sandwiches and punch, a few rounds of party games, presents, cake and goodbye. Traditional is safely conservative. But very predictable.

I like non-traditional showers. Fun themes. Crazy games. And what’s more fun, crazier, more hair-raising than a bridal shower that includes your favorite pooches – both large and small – on the guest list. Oh, yes, that’s right… it’s a Doggone Bridal Shower! If you’re planning your canine-loving bride’s shower, stock up on dog treats and people food, because this party’s down with the D-O-G!

Unleash the Fun!

Games, yes, there will be games! Host a dog Olympics for your favorite furry friends to exercise outdoors with crawl tunnels, games of fetch and other games. Just make sure everyone on the guest list gets along…not biters! Purchase squeaky toys for winners, and every participant should get a bag of goodies.

The humans should have fun, too. Host a dog-themed trivia game and divide up in teams. Ideally, this shower’s guest list should include men and women—don’t discriminate! So teams may be couples, or men versus the ladies. You also may host a Frisbee toss game…see which owner can throw the farthest and which pooch can catch the most Frisbees.

Party Treats

pet-cake Creative Bridal Shower Ideas

A shower is not complete without food. You can offer snacks that are safe for both people and canines. Or have a buffet of snacks for humans and one for the puppies! Make sure you have cool fresh water available for all canine guests. You also may choose to have pizzas baked (for humans, of course!) in the form of bones for a fun nod to the theme (just be sure to add…”pupp-eroni!”).

For dessert, keep the cakes on theme! Order a big bone cake for guests…and one for the dogs. Many specialty pet bakeries can whip up dog-friendly cakes…our puppy’s second birthday cake featured peanut butter frosting and even had her name written on it in puppy-safe icing. You can also make your own dog-friendly cake.


All presents should be canine-themed. Guests may choose to buy presents for the couple’s furry friends, or they may buy fun dog-themed housewarming gifts. Mugs, towels, cookie jars (for the dog or the couple!). Have guests get creative. Donations may even be made in honor of the couple’s wedding to help support local animal shelters or animal welfare organizations.

Perfect Parting Gifts

This party has to have a photo booth! Make sure to have fun props for animals and owners. Cute hats, funny signs, cut out fire hydrants or other silly props make great party memories for guests. Because who doesn’t want a photo together with the family furbaby!

Give guests goodie bags for their puppies as a final party present. Include puppy toys, treats, personalized collars or any other fun items you want to include.

For canine-loving couples who already have everything they need to begin their new life together, host a bark-tacular Doggone Bridal Shower for an out of the ordinary—but so extraordinary—non-traditional shower. Have fun with the theme and create a memorable experience for humans and dogs alike! Just make sure to stipulate that furry guests must be up-to-date on vaccinations! And pooper-scoopers are encouraged!

Visit this link if you would also like to learn how to throw a birthday bash for your dog:

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Author Naomi Janelle Shaw is a journalist, beautician and full-time mom. Follow her on Facebook.

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