Brides-scaled What’s Your Bride Personality?

What’s Your Bride Personality?

Congratulations! You had a magical proposal, and you said yes!

Now reality sets in, and the planning starts. There’s a shocking amount of detail involved in planning your perfect day. What kind of bride are you going to be? Are you going to take it all in stride or turn into Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde? While some women stay true to their inherent personality, others are completely overtaken by a markedly different bridal persona. Take this simple quiz to find out what kind of bride you are and how to match your wedding day to your personality style.

Is your agenda a permanent fixture in your hand? Is your calendar color coded and meticulous in every single detail? Do your friends refer to your OCD tendencies frequently? You are the perfectionist bride. Your dress will fit perfectly and coordinate completely with the bridesmaids dresses. The entire bridal weekend will be planned out with an hour-by-hour itinerary, and the bridal party and guests will have no unanswered questions about what is happening next. Your day will be perfect because you won’t allow it to be anything else. You’ll be direct and to the point about it in a charming, professional kind of way.

Is Bargain Shopper your middle name? Is your checkbook always balanced to the penny? Is cost vs. value your golden rule? You may be the practical bride. You want everything to be lovely, but you are not willing to go broke to achieve it. You will research and find ways to cut corners to achieve what you want while making sure every detail is planned so there are no hidden costs or surprises.

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Maybe you’re more of a broad, general idea kind of girl. Do you have a go with the flow mentality? Are you more about the meaning behind the day instead of the pomp and circumstance? Do you prefer flowy fabrics and flowers in your hair to fitted styles and perfectly manicured hairstyles and nails? Are you more interested in having a one of a kind wedding ring instead of the latest and greatest designer band? You are certainly a free spirit boho bride. Stay true to your hippie spirit and have a relaxed, low key atmosphere to match your loving aura.

Is it always 5:00 somewhere in your world? Does your home bar resemble one on the Vegas strip? If pumping music is a must and you know how to drop it like it’s hot, you may just be the party bride. Your ceremony will be lovely, but quick and to the point so you can get to the fun at the reception. An open bar and rocking DJ are more important than the appetizers being served. Plan accordingly and be sure to budget more for the reception (can you say open bar?) than the ceremony and honeymoon together.

Maybe you are the quintessential girly girl oozing femininity. Are you all about the roses and lace? Do you love poetry and soft music? Does candlelight provide your ideal ambiance? You are the classic romantic bride. Plan a more traditional wedding day with lots of flowers, lace, lights, and white doves to celebrate your ethereal perfect day. A string quartet or harpist may provide the perfect background music for your serene setting.

Do you thrive on being the center of attention? Must everything always go exactly the way you want it? Can your attitude change at the drop of a hat when you don’t get your way? If high maintenance is your perfect descriptor, you are most definitely in danger of becoming a bridezilla. Surround yourself with your best girls on your wedding journey. They know you and love you just the way they are, and they’ll be able to reel you back in when the ‘zilla starts to rear her ugly head.

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Perhaps you have been dreaming about your wedding day since you were a little girl. You have thousands of saved favorites on your pinterest wedding board, and your ideal dress has more tulle than the Nile has water. Did you wear an oversized cubic zirconia ring long before you met your groom so you could pretend to be engaged? You are the princess bride. You just want to wear your tiara and sparkle on your big day. Your guest list includes everyone you’ve ever known, and you will literally hug each and everyone of them for coming to celebrate with you.

No matter your bridal personality, be sure to enjoy this special time in your life. You want your wedding to match your personality, leaving your guests feeling it was a reflection of you. You are creating a lifetime memory, so make the most of it, and make your wedding day as unique as you are.

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Author Naomi Janelle Shaw is a journalist, beautician and full-time mom. Follow her on Facebook.

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