GLWR932AD-2 The Charm of Diamond Jewelry

Jewelry is always special and more so if it is diamond jewelry!

The charm of diamond jewelry is everlasting and diamonds have been treated as special since times immemorial. Diamonds unfurl a world of intrigue, legend and romance and therefore have been sought after by generations. Ancient Greeks considered diamonds to be broken pieces of stars from the sky and it was also believed that the arrow of Cupid was studded with diamonds. So, the demand for diamonds has always been steady among buyers due to various sorts of beliefs and because of the beauty of this precious gemstone. There is rarely any other stone that can beat a diamond in its charm and appeal.

Diamonds can be worn in the form of necklaces, earrings, bracelets and of course rings. Some people also wear diamond jewelry pieces in the form of charm pendants. A diamond is known for its color, cut, clarity and carat. The Icy White diamond is the most expensive one in the world because of its transparency. If you think that diamonds are only available in a single color, then check your facts. You will get diamond jewelries in the market with red, blue, pink, pale green and black diamonds. The price varies due to the variation in quality.

A jewelry piece with a flawlessly cut diamond can be the pride of the owner and the envy of onlookers. For years diamond jewelry has enhanced the beauty of women and hence, coupled with their intrinsic value, is considered to be a woman’s best friend. An elegant diamond earring or a graceful diamond bracelet can transform you from a plain Jane into a head turner. Diamonds are normally cut with 58 facets, and it is through this precise cut that light reflects from one end to the other, making it shine and sparkle. Diamond is also known to be the hardest gemstone making diamond jewelry worthy heirlooms.

Diamonds in jewelry pieces are offered in different settings. The popular Pave setting has diamonds set close together with gold grains holding them tightly. The Channel set offers diamonds in a row on a gold strip while the Bezel set offers diamonds in a sleeve of gold. Last but not the least is the Claw set where the precious stone is set inside the claw to protect it. All in all the popularity of diamond jewelry has lasted through the ages and stood the test of times to prove its timeless beauty.

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