A brand that has been on the market for 145 years speaks for itself in volumes.

Those who know Black Hills Gold and desire authentic Black Hills Gold jewelry will only think of Landstroms, the original in Black Hills Gold creations since 1878.

Landstroms has been putting in their best efforts and coming up with great designs for both men and women for generations, since 1878. All of their exquisite jewelry is made hand-made using techniques that have been used for over a hundred years.

Landstroms has an array of choices for every piece of jewelry one may need, such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and even watches for both men and women. They also have a range of traditional wedding jewelry and mothers birthstone jewelry as well as contemporary sterling silver pieces. The variety offered is unending ranging from traditional jewelry items to the more modern ringsbirthstone family jewelry, and even delicate children’s jewelry – Landstroms covers it all. They also carry a more modern and affordable collection of gold on sterling silver jewelry often selected for more daily use.

There’s little to say about Landstrom’s quality and the trust factor of their brand as their 135 year American history speaks for itself. With Landstroms you get the best quality, the most brilliant designs and a Lifetime Warranty. It’s not just a piece of jewelry; rather it’s a lifetime relationship that you build with Landstroms.

When comparing Landstroms jewelry to that of other Black Hills Gold jewelry manufacturers, the first thing noticeable is the amazing amount of detail in the Landstroms ring compared to the others. From the frosty wriggling on the pink and green leaves to the fine, detailed veins, there simply is no comparison.

The next thing you’ll notice is the heft of a Landstroms ring and how much more gold there is in it compared to those made by other manufacturers. After comparing rings of similar styles and sizes made by several Black Hills Gold companies, Landstrom’s ring contained over 48% more gold than the next heaviest piece. And though Landstroms’ ring was priced higher than the others, the price per weight of gold was actually lower, testifying to the quality and value of Landstrom’s jewelry.

Landstrom’s jewelry is also easy to care for and clean, and speaking of Landstrom’s customer care and assistance, they treat you just like you would treat your jewelry. Landstroms will also resize your ring should it ever be needed and they can also restore heirloom pieces to add detail back, such as adding leaf veins to worn Black Hills Gold leaves. And don’t forget that all Landstroms work is backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

Hence, when it’s Landstroms you need not have second thoughts of doubt in your mind.

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