C244-2 Tips on How to Wear Jewelry

Statement Jewelry – Does it sound like something intriguing?

Yes, it is to a huge extent. Such jewelry items make you look unique, bold and someone with an admiring sense of fashion. However, if it goes wrong then you will be considered as the creator of a fashion faux pas which will mar your image for some time to come.

Due to its characteristic of being exclusive, celebrities in all the famous events including red carpet have worn Statement Jewelry. The timeless appeal of such jewelry pieces has caused it to appear and reappear in various ways in the fashion industry.

However, wearing the right style is extremely important, so here are some tips on how to wear it properly:

  • First and foremost is to wear a single piece at a time. You are wearing a jewelry piece to make a fashion statement and hence you cannot create a clumsy look. The basic piece of jewelry can be anything from a cocktail ring to a tantalizing necklace, but remember to cut down on wearing other jewelries to avoid looking clumsy. This single item will make you stand out in a crowd and hence no mistakes with it.
  • An LBD (little black dress) is the perfect platform for a large chunky piece of jewelry. The idea is to keep your outfit as simple as possible to avoid any distraction from the major jewelry item. You want the jewelry to have an impact on the onlookers, not anything else. Sequins and sparkles must be avoided so that your statement jewelry does not get drowned in the dazzle of your outfit.
  • Color combination is important when you are wearing jewelry with your dress and it is also important among the jewelry pieces. Mismatched color combination spells disaster.
  • Dress up according to the jewelry you will be wearing. Yes, you heard it right. It is advised to have your deep plunging neckline uncovered to show that necklace or pendant. In case the piece is more casual, team it up with a solid colored turtleneck to provide a frame for the necklace or earring. The most appealing frames are formed by the colors: navy, tan, cream, white and black.
  • Restrain from overdoing your makeup so as to avoid distracting the onlooker, especially if your jewelry piece is an earring or necklace being close to your face as it can spoil the statement.

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