A French prospector, a lawless state, in a setting of notoriety, licentiousness, and betrayal…

If all these seem like an intriguing plot of the latest Hollywood potboiler, think again! This is the interesting narrative and life story of the renowned Black Hills Gold Jewelry! Back in the legendary days of the grand gold rush in North America, Henri LeBeau carved the exquisite Black Hills Gold Jewelry with a passionate enthusiasm to create the most marvelous pieces of golden artworks inspired from his destitute existence in the woods of Black Hills in South Dakota.

Since its inception, this line of jewelry has been crafted with utmost care with the theme and designs representing vines of grapes and its leaves blending the three amazing hues of gold. This tradition was carried forward by the Landstroms when the first manufacturing unit of Black Hills Gold Jewelry was opened in 1878. And ever since, history has charted new paths of glorious journey for this awesome brand as it has managed to build an exclusive niche even among the upwardly mobile twenty-first century buyers.

The appeal of this embellishment lies in the old world magic, fascinating jewelry structure, and magically expansive color coordination. You will never get exhausted of its unusual charisma as the Black Hills Gold Jewelry essentially combines the twin best of aesthetic and functional worlds. The traditional designs classically consist of green and rose tinted leaves, delicate gold grape vines, and golden grapes. The pristine shade of rose is designed by fusing gold with a smidgen of copper, and the subtle hue of green is attained by blending gold with a touch of sterling silver.

With the advent of the centuries, numerous manufacturers have crowded the Black Hills Gold Jewelry scene by bringing in new designs and different methods. However, if you are looking for only the finest and the innovative, at BlackHillsGoldSource.com we present only the original and superb jewelries made by the legendary Landstroms.

Here you will find the most remarkable collection of rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, wedding jewelry, holiday jewelry, Western jewelry, and ornaments in shapes of hummingbird, butterfly, and American flag; accessories like pins and brooches, children’s ornaments – each one of the distinctive selection is individually handcrafted by our expert artisans. Our wide and diverse Black Hills Gold Jewelry assortment features the most alluring and finest ornaments, produced meticulously to meet the illustrious preferences of today’s modern consumers.

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