Our new Mothers jewelry chart makes shopping for Mom a breeze

Selecting the right Mothers ring or pendant used to mean going to our Mothers and Family jewelry page, and then clicking on various photos of attractive items sometimes only to find out that the particular style you’ve selected wasn’t available with the number of birthstones you need. Some rings and pendants can only accommodate so many birthstones, and some have a minimum number of birthstones to maintain the aesthetic balance of the piece. This usually meant you had to click, click, click….

                         … until now!

With our new Mothers Jewelry selection matrix, finding the right Mothers ring or pendant is a breeze. You just select the number of birthstones stones you need from the column on the left and the chart tells you which Mothers rings and Mothers pendants are available with that number of birthstones.

From here, it’s a simple matter to open a new browser window or tab for each item and either add your selection to your cart or even bookmark each page for later viewing.

Click here to use our Mothers Jewelry selection matrix

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