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Wedding Jewelry Essentials From India

indian wedding jewelry

Weddings are considered to be big affairs with numerous ceremonies and festivities lasting days. The guest lists go into the hundreds and even thousands, and every detail of each function is intricately planned by the bride and groom and their parents to ensure that their family and friends have a gala time.

From the food to the decor, dance routines to seating arrangements, the effort, and expense that goes into a traditional wedding is intense; but a wedding pulled off with aplomb is priceless to the married couple. It is a great celebration of love and the joining of two families.

Perhaps one of the most looked into details of a traditional wedding is the attire, specifically the bridal jewelry, which holds so much cultural symbolism and importance. From choosing engagement rings to exchanging jewelry gifts to the elaborate jewelry sets purchased for the bride on her big day, bling plays a big role in every ceremony of an Indian wedding.

Jewelry is usually known for its fine craftsmanship and intricately detailed designs. Jewelry designs are crafted infusing cultural and spirituality into each piece, keeping in mind the auspicious nature of a wedding along with the need to adorn a bride in grand finery so that all eyes are on her.

Every bride desire to drop everyone’s jaws by rocking her wedding attire. And, that can happen when you know your wedding jewelry to compliment your wedding lehenga or wedding dress. For amazing designs and authentic wedding jewelry, you may check

On this day, the bride still wants to look unique and prepares every bit of her attire, from the' gajras' to the hair, from the wedding jewelry to the shoes. We have listed some of the wedding jewelry essentials you must know about. Mix and match the best for a bride with a beautiful wedding jewelry collection.

1. Necklaces

A necklace is one of the most popular but important parts of any wedding jewelry collection. There are quite a few variations of the necklace available in the market today to suit the deep as well as not-so-deep pockets. Let us see the famous types of necklaces available in India.

2. Anklets

Anklets are the beautiful, stunning jewelry meant to be worn on the feet. It comes in a pair and is worn on both the ankles. These anklets are mostly crafted in silver metal, and they particularly have a lot of traditional designs and delicate patterns. Some of them may also have small metallic bells that rub against each other to emit a melodious sound when the bride moves, lending her an aura of an enigma and making her look elegant.

3. Bridal Bracelets

Bridal bracelets are a sign of tradition all over the world and are worn by brides and average girls alike. They are also called as bangles and are mostly made in precious metals like gold and silver or plated gold. However, these are also commonly found in glass, wood, plastic, ivory, so forth. This not only gives the whole look a typical shimmer, but also makes the bride look beautiful.

4. Finger Rings

Showing the bride's personal style, finger rings come along in different ways and colors. It is also one of the first jewelry to be gifted by the man because of it being an engagement ring also. It is said that the rings have always been associated with beautifying the hands of the brides along with their modest wedding dresses and are a delight to every craftsman who makes jewelry.

5. Earrings

Earrings transform the look from the casual to the formal in an instant. No wonder, brides often have a huge collection of earrings in different sizes and shapes. A very typical traditional design that every bride must have is the ‘Jhumka’, but you can have versatile plain bands or studs. These days even the chandelier earrings are very popular. For a bride, earrings are often in precious metals and intricate patterns and designs. They can also be bought as a set along with a matching neckpiece.

6. Maang Teeka

It is being said that in a Hindu wedding a lot of importance is given to the hair parting which brings us to the next wedding jewelry which is called Mang teeka. A maang teeka is a small chain worn on the head at the parting of the hair where one end of the maang teeka is hooked to the hair, and the other end dangles on the forehead of the one wearing the maang teeka. Mostly the dangling component is a pendant which makes the whole look very traditional.

7. Armlet

Armlet is worn a little above the elbow and is a fine piece of jewelry coming in various designs and shapes. It was worn by the groom in ancient India too. A bride may choose to wear this. However, this is more a fashion accessory than a must to be worn by a bride, but it is worn by nowadays as the wedding jewelry.

8. Hair Wreaths

These hair wreaths are everything you've ever wished for when it comes to the best hair accessories for girls. They are available in various styles and patterns - you'll be spoilt for choices as it's difficult to choose which one is the prettiest. No party/wedding look is complete without a beautiful hair wreath - it's high time you buy one for yourself to upgrade your junk of accessories. We all love collecting accessories - don't we?

Choosing Your Style

Above are the most important pieces of jewelry that Indian brides traditionally wear on their wedding day. Of course, traditions and customs vary from region to region in India. These items only outline what brides follow when it comes to picking their wedding jewelry.

If we can be of assistance with your wedding jewelry, please do let us know.

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